Winner 'National Icoon' Award 2019

Dutch State Secretary Mona Keijzer announced the winners of the ‘National Icons of the Netherlands’.
Ioniqa (infinite PET-upcycling), the cleantech company also behind the NOW movement, emerged as the winner together with 2 other promising innovations.
Video in Dutch.

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You can’t have missed the enormous amount of attention highlighting the world’s problem with plastics. The plastic waste in oceans and on land has to be addressed. Now you can actively participate in passing on a cleaner world.

By supporting NOW (NO Waste) you make it clear you want endlessly upcyclable PET. You help to reduce the plastic soup and close the oil tap for new PET, which makes all the difference in the world!

Let’s solve it

You can help to decrease the plastic soup, the number of whales with plastic filled stomachs, the beaches full of washed-up plastic bottles and turtles swimming amongst the plastic soup.

Join the NOW movement.

Actively participate in passing on a cleaner world. Join the NOW movement, sign up, stay connected and turn your commitment into concrete action. Demand only endlessly upcycled PET and help close the oil tap for new PET plastics

With a cost- effective process, we can now close the loop for plastics, starting with PET plastics. This award winning innovation transforms all types and colors of PET waste into valuable resources for ‘virgin- quality’ new PET. Upcycling processes for other types of plastics are being researched and expected to be launched in the near future.

“With our process the oil tap for the plastics industry can be closed”


The message is NOW, the message is clear. Take part and pass it on.
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  • November 7 Oberhausen Shopping Mall
  • November 8 Stadhuisbrug Utrecht
  • November 14 Les 4 Temps Paris
  • November 15 Intu Trafford Manchester
  • November 16 Liverpool Lime Street
  • November 22 Green World Tour Frankfurt
  • T.b.a. Nederland Schoon
  • T.b.a. Plastic Fantastic

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